What is un|Prophetable?

As you can imagine, prophets were never the most popular of people amongst their peers. Nobody likes to be reminded of their shortcomings, and nobody runs to the front of the line to hear how bad things are.

While prophets are a necessary part of the revitalization and restoration of the people of God, they’ll assuredly never be popular, and their work will never be profitable in the normal sense of the word. 

Thus, those who push against the grain could be considered unprophetable.

This podcast, the articles I post, etc., are all an attempt to help people find normalcy and truth in one of the most stressful, tumultuous times in modern history.

Who is unProphetable?

Hopefully, after y’all listen to a few episodes, you’ll find that you’re a little unprophetable, too. But, I suppose I should give you some information about myself.

The name’s Denny. I graduated from Duke Divinity in Spring ’19, and I’ve been wrestling with theology and culture ever since.

I feel called to push back against some of the more questionable elements of prevailing culture, and, as someone still looking for a church, this is a great medium to do so…

Why unprophetable?

 The combination of the ‘who’ and the ‘what’ created the ‘why.’

After moving to Durham, I discovered that a lot of what I was hearing in seminary didn’t necessarily sit right with me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, after graduation, I started to hear a lot of the ideas that I heard in seminary in the mainstream. I still couldn’t put my finger on it, but the ideas still didn’t sit well with me.

Then, in 2020, after things finally jumped the shark, I realized that there truly is a culture war going on right now… but, when I listen to ‘both’ sides, they both sound wrong to me. It was only then that I started digging into issues and paying more attention to what was really going on. After doing that, I discovered how dissatisfied I was with everything going on socially, culturally, and politically in our world today. As someone who considers himself to be pretty firmly planted in the middle, I really struggle with finding a place right now. After talking to many people out there in the world, I realized that there are a lot of people that feel the same way. I feel like almost all streams of mainstream thought right now go against what should really be considered conventional wisdom.

So, I want to use this site, podcast, and the articles I write to work on hashing out arguments and finding a middle ground. Hopefully, over time, we’ll be able to pull the people that are stuck on the outer edges of the centrifuge of modern discourse back to the middle. I want to approach these things from a lighthearted, theological, and common-sensical standpoint, and I hope y’all will come on a ride down this bumpy road with me. I want to construct arguments for the classical virtues, make a case for Christianity, and deconstruct some of the modern narratives that are really moving us in the wrong direction as a society.