Reflection / Notes / Summary


  • My first sermon at New Hope UMC. This was our sister church in downtown Dayton for many years.
  • New Hope was foundational in my spiritual growth, I still hold a special place in my heart for the people there.
  • Xenia Ave is an impoverished area, but the people are awesome, the church is growing, and I miss it a lot.
  • At New Hope, I really started to come into my own and get comfortable with preaching.
  • The New Orleans story went over exceptionally well. I think food always does, though.

Summary: This sermon was specifically about the third word in the mission statement of New Home Church: Share/Build/Reach. Share the good news, build radical Christ followers, reach the world. The sermon includes practical advice on how to implement the “reach” mentality into everyday life. It was very close to the time of the “Christian Action” sermon and some parts of the story are repeated in both sermons. This sermon could be summed up by saying: When it comes to reaching the world, start internally, move to family, then to community, then to the world. We don’t have to jump on a plane to Haiti if there are folks hurting in your own community, but don’t ignore those outside of your community either.

Sermon: Reach!

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Reflection / Notes / Summary


  • Sermon number three at Lewisburg UMC. I was definitely still cutting my teeth at this time.
  • This was when I realized that no pastors preach at their own churches on the Sunday after New Year’s Day
  • The Sunday after New Years is statistically the lowest attendance Sunday in churches across the USA.

Summary: This sermon is about concreting resolutions and fixing broken areas of your life. Not about choosing off-the-wall lofty goals, but practical goals that are attainable and edifying. It was also about finding your passion in your resolution.

Sermon: New Year’s Revolution!

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Reflection / Notes / Summary


  • This was my second sermon ever.
  • Nervousness almost vanished. I still swayed a bit but pacing was great.
  • I started to get a little looser, I winged it and added some jokes that went well.
  • The Target / Bible Tract story really struck home.

Summary: This sermon was about being content with what you have and moving away from a consumerist lifestyle. It was about finding contentment in whatever season of life you’re in.

Sermon: Thanksgiving

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Reflection / Notes / Summary


  • This was my absolute first sermon or major public speaking event ever.
  • When I get nervous, I fly through text. I blew through a 25 minute sermon in….fifteen minutes max. But, I learned something about myself.
  • When I get nervous, I’m also rocker. I sway side to side like an ocean ship. Many people told me during this first sermon that I did this. Believe me, I’m now aware.
  • It was after this sermon that a mentor poured into me regarding writing as a discipline and as a spiritual gift…we were reviewing the manuscript before I gave it and we had a long conversation about it.

Summary: This sermon was given right around the time people/kids/grandkids were going back to school, so it was fresh in their minds. This was a sermon aimed at getting the congregation to focus on the spiritual disciplines the church outlined weekly. All of these disciplines being universally important in all believers’ lives (attendance / study / small group / tithing / serving).

Sermon: Making The Grade

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