So, in case anyone missed it, the world’s on fire right now but we seem to care more about the ability of professional football players to stand during the anthem. While you were sleeping: There was a mass shooting in a Tennessee church. Puerto Rico desperately needs our aid, and it’s not getting it. Mexico desperately trying to recover after a series of earthquakes and aftershocks. Privileged bonehead politician Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months for sexually propositioning a 15 year old girl. Hindu mass killings…Continue Reading “9.25.17: While you were sleeping… (More NFL Talk)”

Disclaimer: This is not a debate thread regarding contemporary vs. traditional worship. This is a comment about change in the church. So, I was speaking to a friend on the internet this afternoon regarding contemporary worship. He’s a fellow bass player and he was describing the rough transition from a traditional service to a contemporary one at his smallish church. Yes, anyone in church leadership knows…this is a horrible battle. However, in his case, the pastor, the leadership, and basically everyone in any sort of…Continue Reading “On Vision: The Rich Young Ruler”